Rosie has had a good night. Woke at 9am. Her CRP (Infection Markers) have come down to 159, still very high but better than the previous high of +260. She hasn’t had a temperature overnight. They have sent more cultures this morning, she has woken up brighter wanting pasta for breakfast! Her clotting is starting to creep back up into range, another good sign that she is fighting the infection and the Heparin is starting to work again. Her circuit looks ok. Fingers crossed for a good day. We have moved into bed space 14 in the next bay for the weekend due to another sick baby needing ECMO cover. This bay has a great view of the roof space where the DIY SOS big build roof garden will be. George very happy watching the Crane lift pallets into the area as they prepare for the build. Thank you for all your messages of support after yesterday update.

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