Rosie and I have been living at GOSH for 10 weeks now. In that time, Rosie has had three major surgeries in theatre, a number of surgical procedures (where theatre teams and equipment has come to her), including 12 circuit changes, has been intubated and sedated more times than I can remember and faced many tough challenges. Rosie has amazed us with her strength, courage and fighting spirit.

This weekend we have seen glimpses of Rosie’s personality. Whilst she is still not speaking, we have had lots of smiles and silent giggles, a delight for us and all the staff here to see.

During our stay we have met some amazing people. The nurses are heroes. Rosie has been so lucky to have so many fantastic nurses looking after her. I hate leaving her each night but knowing that she has nurses who not only are experts in their field but equally great at soothing Rosie and reading Dora the Explorer stories is such a comfort. The Fellows, Doctors, Consultants, Physios, Play workers and specialist staff are all fabulous. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing team looking after Rosie.

The highlight today was that Rosie has been given her own fridge as she is now able to start trying some yoghurt and juice. Yesterday Rosie managed some ice cream, again an absolute delight to watch her enjoy eating again.

Life in intensive care is tough. It is an absolute emotional rollercoaster but for all the lows, there are many highs. Today we just feel blessed to be enjoying seeing Rosie smile, long may it continue.


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