After 160 days in Intensive Care (CICU), Rosie has finally made it up to Bear Ward. We had started to feel very comfortable in intensive care, the consultants, doctors, nurses, housekeepers and volunteers became our family. It was very hard to say goodbye (in fact we haven’t and need to go back to do so armed with thank you gifts (when the emotions have settled). A truly amazing team of the most talented, dedicated and wonderful people, who time and time again saved Rosie’s life. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

We have had to leave Rosie every night for almost six months (all be it with the most amazing nurses), but a move to Bear, means one of us can now stay with her overnight. It also means that our drug training has started in preparation for home. Rosie is on 17 different medications post transplant. Some are only taken once a day, some four times a day. Some are liquid, others tablets that need to be dissolved, there is a lot to learn!

Home is still a way off, but we are getting closer. Whilst Rosie has made an excellent recovery from her transplant operation, her brain has been damaged by the brain bleeds and strokes she suffered pre transplant. The hope is that Rosie can go home via a specialist neuro rehabilitation centre where she will stay as an inpatient, to give her the best chance of making a good recovery.

In other news, Rosie has had the first of three biopsies required in the first six months post transplant to check for rejection. We are delighted to report that the result came back showing ‘no rejection’. A huge relief and further confirmation that some amazing little person really did give Rosie a perfect little heart, for which we are forever grateful.


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