The 1st day of spring on Flamingo Ward started with Daddy reading about spring to Rosie

“The legend of the Easter Bunny is thought to have originated among German Lutherans, where the ‘Easter Hare’ judged whether children had been good or bad in the run-up to Easter”

Rosie and Daddy agreed that Rosie had been a “Superstar” this week and will defiantly be at the top of the Easter Bunnies visit list this year.

A quiet day on Flamingo Ward yesterday. The highlight was lots of cuddles with Mummy and Daddy. The low point was watching Rosie withdraw from some of the medicines. Doctors have indicated the plan is to change back to the Berlin Heart at some point next week just depending on theatre space. Rosie is much more alert and lost her arterial line over night due to excessive waving of her arms. This means we have to manually take blood pressure readings until they decide if she needs another line fitted. Mummy has popped home today to eat some birthday cake with Grace and a few friends and might even have her face and nails painted with the rest of the very excited little ones. Plan for today is more cuddles with Daddy and a few Dora stories.

Enjoy your 1st day of spring people x x x

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