Hoping for a restful, lazy Sunday! Rosie is currently asleep and we are hoping she will get some rest after a fairly hectic 15 hours! Yesterday afternoon the pacing wires were removed, there was some bleeding as a result but seemed OK. Early evening, they took Rosie off the ventilator. She has tolerated this well and is now on a different machine, which provides oxygen to help her breath. The change in pressures from one machine to the other, caused bleeding and the surgeons were called to assess. After working their magic the bleeding has stopped. Being off the ventilator is great for the right side of Rosie’s heart, function should continue to improve . Echo and X-Rays through the night show the left side has acquired some fluid. This isn’t great as risk of opening her up again is very great. Lots of visits this morning from surgeons, cardiologists, doctors and consultants. Everyone on standby to act if they need to, however hoping that a quiet, restful day and Rosie’s body will sort itself out, which we are sure will be the case knowing what a little fighter she is! So, here’s to a restful, lazy Sunday afternoon! X X X

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