Delighted to report that Rosie has had a good week!

Her Berlin Heart is working well and her anti coagulation has been stable. Rosie is still getting frequent cramps, particularly in her right arm and leg, but medication is helping and they are less painful now. She has also been visited a number of times by an amazing nurse who does massage, which has really helped.

Rosie is alert, bright eyed and smiling lots. She still isn’t responding to questions by nodding/shaking her head or pointing with her hands but we are hopeful that this will come as she continues to improve.
Although Rosie isn’t eating as her swallow has been affected, she is being fed via her NG tube and gaining weight. She certainly looks much bigger and stronger than she did when she came into hospital, almost five months ago.

The next step is to start Warfarin. Rosie had a platelet function test yesterday, which showed that the anti coagulation medication she is taking is suppressing her platelet function. Therefore, the next step is to start Warfarin, whilst reducing Heparin. Once Rosie is stable on Warfarin and off Heparin, she can move to Bear ward and the risk of bleeds, whilst still there, do significantly reduce. This feels like the last big hurdle for Rosie to jump.

As Rosie is no longer in the ECMO bay and no longer requires ECMO nurses, we have lots of Berlin Heart trained nurses looking after her now. They are all lovely and love Rosie, but equally we absolutely love it when one of our old favourites is able to look after her, particularly through the night. Rosie has made lots of friends during her time on Flamingo and now has even more nurses fighting to look after her than she did previously. She is a very loved little girl.

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