Feeling the breeze on our skin, smelling flowers and tickling our noses with them, listening for and watching aeroplanes fly past, feeling the sun on our skin and having to squint to see the London skyline…

Rosie, Nannie, Auntie Teresa and I experienced all of these yesterday thanks to one of the Transplant Consultant Cardiologists who took Rosie to the GOSH roof top garden.


It was Rosie’s first time out in the fresh air for five months and first visit to the garden, so felt like a momentous day. Rosie’s eyes were bright as she surveyed her new surroundings. She was in awe of everything from the lights in the lift to the aeroplane that will be bringing Uncle Tony, Katie and baby Oliver home soon.


We are hoping for many more excursions thanks to the Berlin Heart and the amazing team at GOSH who push boundaries regarding what is possible for children waiting for transplant.

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