Easter Sunday was a great day. It started with a visit from the Easter Bunny (the amazing GOSH staff) and a circuit change, which Rosie tolerated really well. She then had a CT scan, which the Neurosurgeon confirmed he was happy with. When not sleeping, Rosie was quite alert, shaking her head no and pointing with her finger. By the afternoon the new circuit had already started to collect fibrins so a low dose of Heparin was started. Overnight, the circuit has been good, the Heparin worked initially, but now there are lots of fibrin strands building again. The debate this morning is whether to increase Heparin, change the circuit again or both. Whilst we know we have to increase the Heparin, we are obviously very anxious about doing so. We hope the doctors approach is to go slowly, very slowly indeed and pray for no more bleeds or complications. The most exciting news is the arrival of Rosie’s new cousin. She now has a new little man to play with. No name yet but Rosie thought he should be called Freddo so not sure why they can’t just choose that. He looks gorgeous, huge congratulations Antony and Katie and welcome to the world Baby Freddo!

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