Morning everyone, the big news from the weekend for Rosie is that she is now off of the ventilator and coping well with it which is a huge step forward.
She Rosie continues to look great and had a good night although she did have to have an early wash this morning so was sitting up watching Dora and looking very comfy.
Next up was the Ward rounds and again we were told they are very happy with Rosie. She has been very sleepy this morning but she has a temperature and they think that is why. They want an X-ray and will then consider removing a couple of chest drains. Also want to remove her catheter. Her clotting is out of range again so tweaking heparin, aspirin and dipyridamole, liaising with haematology. Blood pressure is a little low so watching that and finally hb and oxygen in blood gases both low so watching that too and may need more blood products to adjust. All in all though they are happy.
The moment of the morning was when the nurse and mummy had just cleaned her and changed her position. Rosie had been told earlier that Nannie was coming up to see her today so when she woke up she said (in a very croaky voice) ‘where’s Nannie?’
So lovely to know she is still so switched on and so nice to think that she will be shouting her orders out to everyone again very soon! x

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