A long and exhausting night for us and especially for Rosie. Delighted to report that she continues to be an absolute superstar, we are so very proud of her. Surgery last night removed the blood from the brain but it was more swollen than expected. Rosie was left overnight with the brain exposed to relieve the pressure, in the hope that the bleed ceased and the swelling reduced. Following a CT scan this morning, the neuro surgeon has confirmed that he is happy and no further surgery on Rosie’s brain is required for now.
The next issue for them to grapple with is the mechanical heart. Rosie had to come off the Berlin heart yesterday as they had to stop the anticoagulation meds for theatre and because of the bleed. She is now on a temporary heart bypass machine but this morning that have found some clots forming in the tubes of the new device. The perfusionist and mechanical heart surgeons are currently discussing a plan to deal with this.
Rosie is blissfully unaware and continues to be an absolute warrior. Words cannot express how immensely proud of her we are. Love you so much Rosie x

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