We have had so much amazing support, Rosie is clearly loved by many. Lots of people tell us that the first thing they do each morning is check Rosie’s website or Facebook for an update. We have been a little slack lately in posting updates. Rosie has been keeping Mummy busy with dressing changes, reading stories, liaising with doctors/nurses and helping with physio and cares. After the dramas of the past couple of weeks, Mummy is enjoying every precious moment with Rosie.
The highlights of today are that grandad finally got to have his cuddle and Rosie got to have an ice lolly, when speech and language came to test Rosie’s swallow.


The circuit looks great and is a week old today, the longest we have lasted without needing a change, so a very positive step forward. The Heparin has increased but everything seems fine neurologically and regarding bleeds to date. We are keeping everything crossed that this continues to be the case.
The plan for this week is to have a quiet, stable week with no dramas, which may mean we move to updating as and when we have news as opposed to daily updates so please don’t be alarmed if there is no update, no news is good news.

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