It is nearly time for Rosie to come home for good!

It has been quite a while since our last update and a lot has happened. Rosie has had a birthday and is now our four year old big girl. She had a wonderful day at home with a couple of close friends and a fantastic party at The Children’s Trust too. Rosie got some fabulous presents from generous family and friends, had two amazing birthday cakes and thoroughly enjoyed her celebrations. There were lots of smiles from Rosie and everyone who saw her. Another  milestone celebrated that at times we didn’t think we would reach.

We spent a wonderful Christmas and New Year at home before Mummy and Rosie returned to Tadworth for the final few weeks of her rehabilitation programme.

We leave here next week, after four months of intensive Neuro rehab. Rosie has made good progress. When she came she was completely floppy, had no head or trunk control, could not use her arms or legs, was not eating and could not communicate. She also has something called Dystonia, which means that her muscles are constantly working and Rosie has lots of involuntary movements that she cannot control.


Rosie will leave next week still with a long way to go, but having made a great start to her rehabilitation. She now has much better head and trunk control, is able to control the movements of her right hand to a certain extent, can use her eyes to make choices and is eating puréed food.

We cannot wait to get home, it is almost a year since we went to GOSH for an outpatient appointment and stayed! We have lots of hard work to do at home. Rosie will need lots more specialist equipment and therapy to get her better but we intend to work very hard to get her everything she needs so she can make the most of the precious gift she has been given and enjoy her precious life.

Thank you all so very much for your love and support along the way. We look forward to posting lots more positive updates of Rosie’s progress in the future.


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