Rosie returned to school and her usual therapies this week having completed three weeks of intensive Physio with the amazing NAPA team from California. We had a great three weeks. The therapists were fantastic and we met some amazing families who we hope we will stay in contact with. Rosie worked to the point of exhaustion every day and whilst there were lots of tears, there were smiles each day too.

As a result, Rosie is now stronger, her head and trunk control has improved as has her sitting balance and ability to transition from sitting to standing.

Back to school and Rosie has this week iced biscuits and made a card for daddy for Father’s Day.

We have returned to Kids Physio Works and are hoping to increase Rosie’s sessions from one to two per week to build on the gains made during her intensive therapy.

We also have a long list of other therapies we are keen to try and equipment we want to buy, having learnt lots and got the opportunity to try lots during the intensive therapy.

Friday was a blast from the past with a trip to GOSH. We met some lovely therapists from the Cognitive Assessment team, then had the usual Echo, ECG, bloods etc. All continues to look great with Rosie’s heart, always such a relief to learn.

We also saw lots of familiar faces, which is always lovely. We saw some of our favourite nurses who looked after us so well, the lovely Marco who kept Rosie well stocked with chocolate mousse when in hospital, Uncle Ian, our favourite volunteer, plus the mother of a young boy who was in the bed next to Rosie for some time and is also now doing well post transplant. It is always lovely to go back to the place we spent so much time in and see the people we owe so much to.

The plan for this weekend is to have a rest and lots of cuddles with Daddy on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there.

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