Another busy few months for Rosie and the rest of the Day family.

In September, 72 golfers competed at Rosie’s Golf Day, held at Warley Park Golf Club and organised by Rosie’s amazing Grandad Paul.

A great day with some good golf played, and some great laughs followed by a meal, raffle and auction brilliantly conducted by ex West Ham legend Alvin Martin.

The event raised an amazing amount of money thanks to the generosity of everyone involved. This money really makes a difference, enabling us to continue private therapy for Rosie and purchase equipment to use at home.

Rosie has been working really hard. She has settled into school well and particularly enjoys Wednesday, which is cooking day. The whole family enjoy sampling her culinary delights each week, particularly Grace, who is brilliant at very enthusiastically telling Rosie how amazing things taste and what a great cook she is!

Rosie is also working hard at her Physio. Her head and trunk control is improving all the time. She is tolerating longer periods standing in a frame and her sitting balance has improved.

Following lots of appointments, we have a new Lycra suit, which helps support Rosie’s core, new hand and foot splints, which help to keep her limbs in the correct position. We are also looking to start working with a specialist speech and language therapist in the new year.
And last but not least, our little warrior is now 5! Rosie celebrated her birthday last week. Thank you for the many birthday wishes, cards and presents. We had a lovely day at White Elm Petting Farm. George and Grace loved helping to open presents and blow out candles. We also had a little party with the amazing Papalarny Children’s entertainer. He was brilliant with Rosie, she smiled throughout, belly laughed at his magic tricks and loved the snow machine, bubbles and lights.

We are so incredibly grateful to a very special little person and their very special family for enabling us to celebrate Rosie’s birthday. Never far from our thoughts but particularly on special occasions. Thank you to them and to organ donation.

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