When you wake up in the morning to an e-mail from your Boss and Head of People most people would think “What is this going to be!”. This one however was a pleasure to open and came as a bit of a surprise.

Charlotte Exell (Head of People) contacted me a while ago about doing something to support Rosie.

Charlotte has put together a team of 4 including her Husband, Chantelle & Clare Williams (Chantelle also works for Morrisons) They will be running in the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday 18th March

“We are not runners and have never completed a running charity event before”, but we wanted to complete a challenge and all felt passionately about raising money for Rosie to Support her rehabilitation.

All monies raised will be match funded by the Morrisons Foundation which we are truly thankful. We hope to put this towards another two week block of Intensive Rehab that we have booked for the Easter holidays.

We know we are very lucky and continue to receive fantastic support. however of you do want to make a contribution please share and use the attached link


Short Video of Rosie’s progress after the last block booking:


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