Sunday, a day of rest, not for Rosie!

Rosie has been working very hard lately and we are now seeing Emma our private physiotherapist twice a week thanks to your generous donations.

Yesterday Rosie tried some ‘gators’, which enabled her to weight bear, prop through her arms and sit unaided.

Rosie also used a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation device on her back. It is similar to a tens machine, she tolerated it well. The plan is to increase both the amount of time Rosie wears the machine and the level of electrical stimulation into the muscles.

Thanks to your donations we can purchase both pieces of equipment to use at home.

Last week at Kids Physio Works, Rosie was able to try the Therasuit and Spider. This is a suit with bungee straps attached that can be tightened in one place to provide support and loosened in another to make Rosie work harder. The spider is a frame of bungee cords enabling Rosie to stand, both strengthening her muscles and sending signals to her brain to help it to rewire and create new pathways.

Thanks to your generosity, we are almost at our target. Please keep sharing, thank you x

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