A busy couple of weeks in the life of Rosie to update you all on;


We’ve had lots of trips to the gym with the fabulous Emma the GOSH physio, including sessions with Singing Hands, playing with Kimberly the play worker and hide and seek in the standing frame, trips to the park, sessions with speech and language, celebrity visits, plus the routine medication, blood tests, Echos and ECGs to check Rosie’s new heart.

img-20160826-wa0018 img-20160826-wa0011
We are delighted to report that her new heart is working perfectly. Rosie looks great. She is warm and pink, her purple mottled legs of old are no more.

We have heard from Tadworth, the neuro rehabilitation centre. They will take Rosie as an inpatient, we are on a waiting list and fingers crossed won’t have to wait too much longer before Rosie can transfer from GOSH to start some intensive rehab.
This week is organ donation week. We are so very grateful to Rosie’s donor and their family for their amazing gift and want to continue to promote organ donation for others like Rosie. Sadly too many people are dying waiting for a transplant and too many organs are going to waste. Please help us turn an end into a beginning by promoting and signing up as an organ donor. Live life, give life!


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