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DIYSOS Special at GOSH


The special episode shows how the team transported 30 trees and hedges (weighing 3.5 tonnes), 2,000 plants and 56 tonnes of soil through central London to be craned individually (73 times) on to a disused rooftop, two stories up, in just under three weeks.

The hour-long episode features hospital staff and patients including families like Rosie's. In the programme, Rosie’s mother, Sara shares the family’s experience of spending days, weeks and months in the hospital’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit listening to machines.

We also hear from six-year-old Dylan (pictured above) and his mother, Danielle. Dylan has a rare and undiagnosed condition where he has no immune system to fight infection and can stop breathing at any moment.

Danielle said: “To be asked to be involved in the filming of DIY SOS at GOSH was such an honor. We were very excited to meet Nick and his team and be interviewed.

"Knowing an army of volunteers installed the garden was a wonderful thing. There were so many who have been patients or are parents of patients, every one touched by this wonderful hospital. Dylan's much like a sunflower, his health is stable during the summer so a beautiful garden is a perfect place for Dylan.


“Thank you doesn't seem enough. To have this place of retreat to be able to go and reflect whilst our children are in hospital is quite unbelievable.”

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